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Based on Makoto Takayama’s semi-autobiographical novel, director Daishi Matsunaga’s EGOIST is a uniquely sexy and heartfelt drama about family. Kosuke, a fashion magazine editor in his mid-30s, revels in the blessings of his comfortable lifestyle. When he hires Ryuta, a personal trainer, in order to get into shape, he gets more than he bargained for. The two fall in love, but when Kosuke discovers Ryuta secretly works as an escort to provide for himself and his mother, the two men strike a financial agreement. However, when tragedy strikes, Kosuke and Ryuta’s mother grow closer and must confront a new future together.

“Daishi Matsunaga’s adaptation of the late Makoto Takayama’s autobiographical novel is a joy; a satisfyingly textured, bittersweet character study infused with warmth and energy.”
– Wendy Ide, Screen International


“Surprising and beautifully wrought… Egoist is one the top queer offerings out so far this year.”
– Brandon Judell (Medium)

“Suzuki, Miyazawa, and Agawa are all fantastic. Each actor gives a convincing and moving performance. Even with the heartbreaking elements of the story, Egoist is strongly recommended.”
– Gregg Shapiro, Bay Area Reporter

Egoist is a stunning and truly haunting work, and all three performances are rich and nuanced.”
– Frank J. Avella, Edge Media Network

“Through Matsunaga’s moving and intimate direction, Suzuki’s committed performance of Kosuke’s agony is raw and immediate.”
– Mark Schilling, Japan Times

Cast & Crew

Daishi Matsunaga

Makoto Takayama
Daishi Matsunaga
Kyôko Inukai

Naomi Akashi
Yoshi Kino
Rampei Yokoyama

Ryohei Suzuki
Hio Miyazawa
Yuko Nakamura

Film Specs

Country of Origin: Japan

Format: DCP/1.85/Color

Sound Format: 

Running Time: 120 minutes

Genre: Drama

Rating: Not Rated

In Japanese with English Subtitles


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