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Jacques Nolot stars and directs a tale of a downward spiraling gay gigolo, struggling to cope with his advancing age, poverty, loneliness, writers block, and the increasing complications of HIV disease. When his wealthy benefactor dies after thirty years of lavish support, his inheritance is challenged by the benefactor`s family, leaving him destitute. Underscoring his every move is the fear of being forgotten, or worse: dying back where he started on the streets. Young hustlers, drugs, alcohol, and countless cigarettes provide momentary distractions, but ultimately, he must face his inner demons in order to be free of them.

“An unblinking portrait of a complicated, solitary gay man who has outlived his working years.” – New York Times


Third installment in Jacques Nolot’s trilogy on the pragmatic side of gay life finds the straight-shooting poet of matter-of-fact sexual transactions in fine narrative form, exhibiting his aging body and mindset without a trace of vanity.
– Lisa Nesselson, Variety

Writer-director-actor Jacques Nolot (below) delivers a bold, searching and open-hearted turn as the subject of this confessional study of life as an elderly gay gent in the French capital.
– David Jenkins, Time Out

Made on a modest budget this is a brave film from writer-director-star Jacques Nolot who brings an unflinching honesty to his performance.
– Allan Hunter, Daily Express

Cast & Crew


Jacques Nolot


Jacques Nolot


Pauline Duhault


Jacques Nolot
Jean-Pol Dubois
Marc Rioufol
Film Specs

Country of Origin: France

Format: 35mm/1.66/Color

Sound Format: Dolby SRD

Running Time: 108 minutes

Genre: Drama

Rating: Not Rated

In French with English Subtitles


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