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Norway’s official selection for the Academy Awards®, Songs of Earth is a majestic syphony for the big screen. The filmmaker’s father is our guide, bringing us through Norway’s most scenic valley. He grew up where generations have been living alongside nature to survive. The sounds of the earth harmonize together to make musuc in this breathtaking journey. Executive produced by Liv Ullmann and Wim Wenders.

“A remarkable, poetic meditation, Songs of Earth weaves the smallness of human lifespan into the grandness of the earth’s history, and does it all with unspeakable beauty.”
– Alissa Wilkinson, Vox


“Margreth Olin’s Songs of Earth, executive produced by Liv Ullman and Wim Wenders, is a many-splendored thing: a home movie worthy of IMAX theaters.”
– Nick Allen,

“Moving through the four seasons from spring to winter, there is the feeling that the ground is always shifting beneath one’s feet, but Olin affords the precious opportunity to stand still and take things in.”
– Stephen Saito, Moveable Feast

“Norwegian director Margreth Olin’s deeply personal cinematic essay, Songs of Earth, showcases the magnificent northern landscapes in which her parents have always lived.”
– Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail

Cast & Crew

Margreth Olin

Margreth Olin

Lena Faye-Lund Sandvik
Margreth Olin

Jørgen Mykle
Magnhild Mykløen

Film Specs

Country of Origin: Norway

Format: Color

Sound Format: Dolby Digital

Running Time: 90 minutes

Genre: Documentary

Rating: Not Rated

In Norwegian with English Subtitles


See this film at the following theaters:

MSP at the Main Minneapolis MN 5/19/2024 Sneak Peek Q&A Screening w/ Filmmaker Margreth Olin
Music Box Chicago IL 5/21/2024 Sneak Peek Q&A Screening w/ Filmmaker Margreth Olin
IFC Center New York NY 5/24/2024 Q&A Screenings w/ Filmmaker Margreth Olin Fri, Sat
Music Box Chicago IL 5/24/2024
Vancity Theatre Vancouver BC 5/24/2024
STARR Cinema Rhinebeck NY 5/31/2024
LAEM Royal Theatre Los Angeles CA 5/31/2024
Smith Rafael Film Center San Rafael CA 5/31/2024
Emagine Lakeville 21 Lakeville MN 5/31/2024
Emagine White Bear 17 White Bear MN 5/31/2024
MSP at the Main Minneapolis MN 5/31/2024
Living Room Theatre 6 Portland OR 5/31/2024
West Acres 14 Fargo ND 5/31/2024
Lakes 10 Hermantown MN 5/31/2024
Oak Park Theater Minot ND 5/31/2024
Roxy Theater Missoula MT 5/31/2024
The Oriental by Milwaukee Film Milwaukee WI 6/3/2024
Cleveland Cinematheque Cleveland OH 6/6/2024
Roxie San Francisco CA 6/7/2024
Cinema Arts Centre Huntington NY 6/7/2024
Emagine Birch Run 12 Birch Run MI 6/7/2024
Emagine Novi 17 Novi MI 6/7/2024
Kan-Kan Cinema Indianapolis IN 6/7/2024
Broadway Centre Cinemas Salt Lake City UT 6/7/2024
Grail Movie House Asheville NC 6/7/2024
Midtown Cinema Harrisburg PA 6/7/2024
Maine Film Center Waterville ME 6/7/2024


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