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Two chimney sweeps living in monogamous, heterosexual marriages both end up in situations that challenge their views on sexuality and gender roles. One has a sexual encounter with another man, without himself experiencing it either as an expression of homosexual longings or infidelity. The other suddenly experiences nocturnal dreams in which he is seen as a woman. This confuses and disturbs him. He begins to wonder to what extent the gaze of others shapes his personality and whether there are aspects of himself that he has suppressed, thereby limiting himself.

“Provocative, Insightful and Entertaining.”
– Variety


“Wry and amusing… The first film in a planned trilogy, with DREAMS and LOVE to follow, SEX offers a thought-provoking reflection on identity, sexuality and freedom sparked by a simple conversation between two male colleagues.”
– Allan Hunter, Screen International

“This thought-provoking movie that also puts a spotlight on Norway’s signature city, Oslo.”
– Pete Hammond, Deadline

“The film is laced with dry humor but also poignancy and notes of melancholy. Turning the male character study on its head with a gentle subversiveness, this superbly acted drama’s refusal to serve up tidy epiphanies might leave you wanting more.”
– David Rooney, Variety

Cast & Crew

Dag Johan Haugerud

Yngve Sæther
Hege Hauff Hvattum

Dag Johan Haugerud

Jan Gunnar Røise
Thorbjørn Haar
Siri Forberg
Brigitte Larsen


First Lastname

First Lastname

Film Specs

Country of Production: Norway

Running Time: 125 minutes

Screen Ratio:

Color: Color

Languages: Norwegian with English Subtitle


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