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Bonsai_Online_72dpiJulio is a struggling young writer who has hit a wall. Unemployed and involved in a half-hearted relationship with his neighbor, things are finally starting to look up when he gets an interview with a renowned author to transcribe his latest work. Things don t go as planned, however, and Julio doesn t get the job. Instead of admitting the truth to his girlfriend, he pretends to be transcribing the novel when actually writing his own story. Searching for inspiration and a plot, Julio revisits a romance he had eight years ago when studying literature in Valdivia. As Julio s novel progresses, so does his fondness for the past and of the love he let slip away. Based on an internationally acclaimed novella, BONSAI is a subtly affecting examination of the lies we tell ourselves in order to get by.

“Witty … sensual … delightful!” – David Parkinson, Empire


“Witty … Sensual …Delightful!”
– David Parkinson, Empire

“Bonsai illustrates the unbearable lightness of loneliness in a quiet, delicate manner.”
– Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald

“Christián Jiménez’s film knows how entangled the will to know is with the will to make love.”
– Diego Costa, Slant Magazine



Cast & Crew


Christián Jiménez


Christián Jiménez


Bruno Bettati

Julie Gayet

Nadia Turincev


Diego Noguera

Alicia Fehrmann

Film Specs

Country of Origin: Chile

Format: DCP/1.85/Color

Sound Format: Dolby Digital

Running Time: 95 minutes

Genre: Drama/Romance

Rating: Not Rated

In Spanish with English Subtitles


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